Its easy! Obtain the key from the hackathon organizer and use it to access APIs during the hackathon. Refer to sample use cases we have documented here Sample Stories to get started.
There is. But do not worry. It is high enough so you can innovate as you need, and at the same time do not impact our production systems accidentally. If you find yourself needing more access, please contact us using the form at
All the APIs that are available are hosted here
Yes it does. The API will disambig to the destination that is Activities oriented and also offers disambig information in the response in case when the input is resolved to multiple destinations. The activities are returned for the best matched location with suggestions for other destination and if one of the exact suggested region term is used it will resolve to the destination given in “resolved” field.
Yes there is. The set of hotels, pricing, availability, content returned from the is relevant to Brand Expedia, as in content customers see on
Unfortunately not right now. The Natural Language Hotel Search API is customized towards searching for hotels using natural language type of search queries.
Sorry, not right now. Currently available set of APIs are listed here We are always adding to this list, so do visit back to explore available functionality.
EAN APIs offer non-branded experiences for the consumers. Brand Expedia APIs hosted on offer branded experience. For example: hotel reviews posted by expedia verified customers, package deals available only for Expedia customers, hotel discounts offered only on Brand expedia websites