API Summary
Car Search

Car Search API provides information about the rental car inventory offered by Expedia. User can search for rental cars using the pickup location IATA codes along with pickup and dropoff dates. Cars returned in the response can sorted by ascending prices. User can limit the number of cars returned to optimize the response size. API also offers ability to filter results on specific suppliers.
Cruise APIs

The Cruise API provides the ability to search Expedia inventory for sailings and to retrieve real-time cabin availability for offers.
Flight Search

Provides flight's availability and pricing for a given origin and destination airports and travel dates. Currently international airports are not supported. Only US to US and Canada to Canada airports are supported.
Flights Overview

This API can be used to get diverse set of Flight results for a given search criteria (involving Origin, Destination). Fare calendar, which provides a least expensive flight for each day in the requested date range
Geography Search

Location based search for geographical regions, hotels or point of interests. A search can be executed using geospatial primitives (radial search around a lat-long, within a bounding box, …) or relative to a region (all the hotels within the Seattle region).
Hotel Reviews

Retrieve verified user reviews for a given hotel. All reviews are written by real Expedia customers who have stayed at the respective property.
Hotel Review Analyzer

Service that analyze user reviews. The application extract key words and assign a sentiment score to them. It's based on a in-house learned NER model and leverage Affinity Prime Sentiment Classifier.
Natural Language Hotel Search

Expedia's Natural Language Hotel Search API uses free text string like 'Hotels in Seattle', 'Romantic hotels in Barcelona', 'Kid friendly hotels in Orlando' and returns the most relevant sets of entities (hotels, regions, points of interest) that match the user query.
Package Search

Offer package savings to travelers! This API powers searches for flight and hotel packages available with Expedia.

The Travel Content Service ('TCS') is a destination content distribution service where the content has been aggregated from a number of internal and external sources, namely: Affinity Service, CGS, Desmet, Expert Tips, GAIA, Insights Dateless, Krazyglue, LCS, LX, MediaVault, Recommender Service, Toursim Media, Trip.com, User Review Service and ViewFinder. The service supports searching content by multi-city RegionID, by Lat/Long and by item ID. TCS supports the following content types: Affinity, Activity, Article, Destination, Hotel, Neighbourhood, POI, Similar Destination and Expert Tip.
Things to do!

Expedia’s Activities API offers Search and Details functionality to explore “things to do” in a location of interest. Search API provides the list of activities with brief summary about each activity. To get more details for each activity, you can use the Details API.
Travel Trends

Give customers visibility into hot travel trends. This API enables travelers see the popularity of a hotel, flight, and other travel products they are considering and scarcity of the products they are evaluating.
Unreal Deals

Find amazing deals for Flight and Hotel packages. “Free Flight”, “Free Hotel”, “ 2 hotel nights free” type of deals are a compelling way to highlight and message package savings for travelers. Retrieve deals in a flexible way from any origin(s) to any destination(s), and for any length of stay. Use this API to power use cases like “Deal of the Day”, “Deals Calendar”, synthesize new Unreal Deals like “Free Upgrade to a First Class Flight (with a Hotel)” or “Map Based Deals Explorer”.